This is a List of Confederate Monuments and Memorials dedicated to the memory of those who served and died in service to the Confederate States during the American Civil War.

Many Confederate Monuments were erected in the former Confederate States and border states in the decades following the Civil War, in many instances by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Ladies Memorial Associations, and other memorial organizations. Other Confederate Monuments are located on Civil War Battlefields.

New Confederate Monuments continue to be proposed, and some have been built in recent years. In Arizona, a Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp Erected a Confederate Monument in Phoenix in 1999 and Confederate heritage groups dedicated a Confederate Memorial in Sierra Vista in 2010. The Delaware Confederate Monument was unveiled in 2007 in Georgetown, Delaware. In South Carolina in 2010, the Sons of Confederate Veterans have sought to Erect a Monument to mark the 150th anniversary of the passage of the Ordinance of Secession in December 1860, but the cities of Charleston and North Charleston have refused them permission.

Many Confederate Monuments are listed on the "National Register of Historic Places." Confederate Monuments found in the state of Alabama are listed here:

  • Confederate Memorial Monument, also known as the "Monument to Confederate Soldiers and Sailors", on the grounds of the Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery, Alabama. Former CSA President Jefferson Davis laid the cornerstone in 1886, but it was not completed until 1898. Funding for the monument included $20,000 in the form of two grants from the state legislature, $10,000 contributed by the Ladies Memorial Association of Alabama, $6,755 from the Historical and Monumental Association of Alabama that was formed in 1865 to support the erection of this monument, and $5,000 from politicians. Gorda Doud designed the monument, the statues were created by Alexander Doyle.
  • Confederate Monument, Tuskegee, Alabama; erected in 1909, by the Daughters of the Confederacy of Macon County, Alabama.
  • Robinson Springs Camp Confederate Monument, Millbrook, Alabama; erected in 1913, by United Confederate Veterans Camp No. 396, Elmore County, Alabama.
  • Confederate Monument, Fort Payne, Alabama; erected in 1913, by the Sons and Daughters of Confederate Soldiers of DeKalb County, Alabama.
  • Our Confederate Dead Monument, Greenville, Alabama; erected in 1903, by the Father Ryan Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy of Butler County, Alabama.
  • Confederate Monument, Ozark, Alabama; erected in 1910, by the Stonewall Jackson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy No. 667 of Dale County, Alabama.
  • Our Confederate Soldiers Monument, Lowndesboro, Alabama; erected in 1929, by the Lowndesboro Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy of Lowndes County, Alabama.
  • Confederate Monument, Troy, Alabama; erected in 1908, by the Pike Monumental Association, United Confederate Veterans, & United Daughters of the Confederacy of Pike County, Alabama.
  • Confederate Monument, Camden, Alabama; erected in 1880, by the Ladies Memorial and Wilcox Monumental Associations, Wilcox County, Alabama.



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